What is Snuff?

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Few people in the Americas know anything about one of the oldest forms of tobacco taking; one which is now gaining great popularity in the U.S. and Canada - Nasal Snuff.

Nasal snuff is a finely ground, flavored tobacco, taken in the non-offensive form of a simple sniff into the nostrils. Snuff began as the tobacco choice of royalty and the elite in 17th century Europe, before being provided to the masses. Still popular in Europe today, snuff is now gaining popularity in the Americas.

This video is an excerpt from Addicted to Pleasure, a BBC documentary, hosted by
Brian Cox. Hear what he has to say about snuff!



Nasal snuff is made with a wide variety of flavors, including Mentholated, Cherry, Apricot, Swiss Chocolate, Aniseed, Natural, and Irish Coffee, to name just a few. The most popular use of snuff is to take just a pinch between you thumb and forefinger and sniff it lightly into the nose. This provides a pleasant aroma, lasting 15-20 minutes, as well as a noticeable nicotine lift.

As snuff is becoming more popular, some are questioning its effect on health. Like many adult pleasures, there is always some risk.


  Warning: Nasal snuff contains nicotine and is addictive.