Testimonial by: markDate added: 09/06/2011
Title: Mr Snuff is king!
Santo Domingo is so good its the only snuff product i use anymore(sometimes F&T prince)..Once you try it you'll see what a true snuff should be like,its a strong moist real mans snuff,packs a decent punch..in my opinion nobody beats anything from F&T,their products are leaps and bounds over the competition,ive tried just about everything out there,its either too minty,too fruity,too dry,too gimmicky too this or too that,if your just looking for a good ole earthy natural tobacco flavored snuff that packs a nice nic hit look no further,Santo Domingo is the bomb..i do love their Prince as well,its a tad milder but almost as good id give both of them 5 out of 5 stars..and thank god Mr Snuff exist otherwise id have to deal with people that only sell small quantity's and are almost always out of stock and take forever to ship,if Mr Snuff wasn't around id most likely just quit,its a bitch getting my favorite snuff into America,Mr Snuff makes it happen..
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