Testimonial by: Chris Nelson-Jeffers of Schofield WI (USA)Date added: 10/15/2016
Title: Great selection - great service - great products
In my area nasal snuff isn't enough of a thing currently for the local tobacco shops to carry even a couple of options (dip and snus seem to be common), and the current state of anti-tobacco regulation in the US discourages even those with an online store from shipping to out-of-state addresses - or at all.

Thank goodness for Mr Snuff! It's a sad state of affairs when it's easier to have something like snuff shipped in from over the pond than it is to have it shipped domestically, but their loss is Mr Snuff's gain.

The biggest frustration is the apparently erratic delays caused by customs. My first order was delivered in about 21 days with standard shipping. I was deliberately experimenting to see how it would go. Paying extra for tracking might provide extra peace of mind but likely it would just show that the transit time is not the problem, it's how long it gets held up at the customs warehouse.

Hats off to the fine people at Mr Snuff! I will be be ordering again and probably regularly in the future, now that I know to allow at least a 3-week lead to avoid running out.
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