Sir Walter Scott's Field of Junipers Snuff 15g

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Product Specifications

Name: Sir Walter Scott's Field of Junipers Snuff 15g
Type: tobacco snuff
Category: non-mentholated
Flavor: spicy
Ease of Snuffing: medium
Moisture: moist
Nicotine Level: high

Product Reviews

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Field of Junipers is a medium fine, lightly toasted snuff flavoured with a variety of different berries, of which Juniper provides the top notes.

NB: As with any natural tobacco product, artisan nasal snuff can be susceptible to mould if it is not stored correctly. All of our snuffs are heat treated before packing to ensure an indefinite shelf-life whilst in the original, unopened containers. Our snuffs are traditionally made without chemical preservatives and we recommend that once opened the snuffs should be kept in the tightly closed brand container and stored in a refrigerator. Only decant using a clean, dry implement.
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Reviews (5)