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  Three Thistle Sweet 30g

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Product Specifications

Name: Three Thistle Sweet 30g
Type: tobacco snuff
Category: non-mentholated
Flavor: sweet
Ease of Snuffing: hard
Moisture: dry
Nicotine Level: high

Product Reviews

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Three Thistles Sweet -> The US scotches aren't as equal, as they're rumoured to be. They differ in the grade of smokieness, BBQ and tobacco taste. And then there are the sweet snuffs, too. This is one of the best examples of a sweet scotch, as the sweetness is neither annoying, nor overdone. Instead it is a soft quite nice sweetness, although it's a bit distracting from a very delicious toasted tobacco flavour. The toasted flavour is rather reminding of some HDT's, than fellow scotches. No BBQ flavour at all. Very obviously strong in nicotine. Most remarkable, it's the easiest to take scotch, I've had so far. Most likely the Three Thistles Strong will be even more appealing.
Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Red Star
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Reviews (2)