Taxi Blue Regular 15g

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Product Specifications

Name: Taxi Blue Regular 15g
Type: tobacco snuff
Category: non-mentholated
Flavor: complex
Ease of Snuffing: medium
Moisture: moist
Nicotine Level: high

Product Reviews

4 reviewsAverage Rating: of 5 [5 of 5]
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"I see this snuff divides the crowds like Moses did the sea. A very popular snuff indeed. It's an excellent natural tobacco flavour, only a bit on the stronger side. It's also very strong in nicotine, has to be taken with some pauses in between. But still not as strong as the Taxi Red. The Blue is starting a stronger secretion which leads to a very good clearing, very effective. Due to the coarseness, there's no threat to get it too far up. Very recommended for lovers of plain snuffs."

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Red Star
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Reviews (4)