Sweet Spice Bundle

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Name: Sweet Spice Bundle
Type: other
Category: bundles
Color: spicy

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A selection of sweet Molens Spices.
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Dutch Cookie

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This product contains the following items:
De Kralingse Cinnamon Spice 50g1 x  (MOL046) De Kralingse Cinnamon Spice 50g $1.03
De Kralingse Dutch Cookie Spice 50g1 x  (MOL050) De Kralingse Dutch Cookie Spice 50g $1.03
De Kralingse Nutmeg Spice 50g1 x  (MOL054) De Kralingse Nutmeg Spice 50g $1.03

Cost of separate parts: $3.09

You save $-22.86


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