Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Original

Product Specifications

Name: Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Original
Type: tobacco snuff
Category: non-mentholated
Flavor: fruity
Ease of Snuffing: medium
Moisture: medium
Nicotine Level: medium

Product Reviews

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"Time to set aside the fruit salad and chocolate cake and street-walker perfumes. One of the original recipes from Samuel Gawith, certainly glad I tried this one. I get no floral at all, just tobacco. Rich, full tobacco. And that's just fine with me! If you've ever been in a walk-in humidor at a tobacco shop, or better still, sat in that old, high back leather chair that was the favored perch of a long time pipe smoker, that's the kind of tobacco smell. Warm, deep and comfortable, I now know what snuff is supposed to be! All the associations you've ever seen made in other snuffs along the lines of earthy, woody, peaty, they're all present in this one! One of the first snuffs I've tried that I can see getting something larger than 10g at a time!"

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Reviews (8)