Prisemaster Snuff Bundle

Buy all 6 Makla products and get a free Prisemaster


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This product contains the following items:
Makla Ifrikia 20g1 x  (MAK003) Makla Ifrikia 20g $3.61
Makla Africaine Platinum 20g1 x  (MAK002) Makla Africaine Platinum 20g $4.22
Makla Rouge 20g1 x  (MAK006) Makla Rouge 20g $3.63
Makla Verte 20g1 x  (MAK007) Makla Verte 20g $3.63
Makla Africaine Al Kantara 20g1 x  (MAK001) Makla Africaine Al Kantara 20g $4.22
Makla Neffa Ifrikia 8g1 x  (MAK004) Makla Neffa Ifrikia 8g $2.63
Prismaster1 x  (MAK005) Prismaster $3.95

Cost of separate parts: $25.89

You save $0.90


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