Poschl Schmalzler D Doppelaroma 25g

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Product Specifications

Name: Poschl Schmalzler D Doppelaroma 25g
Type: tobacco snuff
Category: non-mentholated
Flavor: complex
Ease of Snuffing: medium
Moisture: medium
Nicotine Level: medium

Product Reviews

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"There is a double fermentation of the tobacco, giving it a splendid richness, which isn't overpowering at all. Also, it doesn't stay in the nose as long, too. It's very dark in colour and pretty moist. The flavour is of delicate, rich tobacco with the addition of apple, which gives it a light, mellow sweetness and works extremely well. And the scent makes another big leap when blowing it out. The price is highly reasonable! A must try, to say the least."

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Reviews (2)