Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g

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Product Specifications

Name: Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g
Type: tobacco snuff
Category: mentholated
Flavor: complex
Ease of Snuffing: easy
Moisture: medium
Nicotine Level: medium

Product Reviews

26 reviewsAverage Rating: of 5 [5 of 5]
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"A nice combination of the menthol and the spice. DEFINITELY my favorite Poschl, and at this moment my favorite snuff. Great mix of menthol and flavor. Or, flavor and menthol, as the menthol takes a back seat to the spice. Interesting dispenser, while the container is full it measures out a good dose. Great snuff. I will absolutely be ordering this again soon."

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Reviews (26)