Poschl Gletscherprise Gold 10g

Product Specifications

Name: Poschl Gletscherprise Gold 10g
Type: tobacco snuff
Category: mentholated
Flavor: essential-oils
Ease of Snuffing: easy
Moisture: medium
Nicotine Level: medium

Product Reviews

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The relatively light snuff of typical excellent consistency. First, it is noticeable that the dosage of menthol in the Pöschl Gletscherprise GOLD is far less than with the "original". The peppermint aroma has its own charm and the delicate properties speak for themselves. A refreshing snuff, as soon as the slightly mentholy peppermint aroma decreases, there is also something to be noticed about the basic tobacco. The tobacco flavor is also slightly lighter than the "original". In the end a slight trace of peppermint and a delicious tobacco aroma remains in the nose.
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