6 Photo Special 20g

6 Photo Special 20g

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by Anonymous

This one grew on me. I had to try it because all of these traditional blends have very vague descriptions and reviews due to their complexity. This is the most incensey of the 6 photo line. Out of the tin it smells like cheap deodorant but dont let that fool you. At first pinch or scoop you an immediate incensey oiliness that my entire family immediately recognized as patculli. The base is niether bitter nor sweet, its right in the middle. Its fairly easy to take once you get used to it and once you get a few pinches in, you start to get the soothing eucalyptus that everyone mentions, but without rebound. This snuff has alot of flavor in it. One scoop would overpower a pocket can of any european snuff. If you have already adjusted to the calmer floral indian snuffs like kailash, this is one ull definitely want to havve around when other blends start to feel bland. I definitely recommend it after trying six photos more common blends.

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