Oliver Twist Original Tobacco Bits

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Product Specifications

Name: Oliver Twist Original Tobacco Bits
Type: other
Category: non-mentholated
Color: tobacco

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Oliver Twist Original Tobacco is spiced and has a taste of genuine, strong licorice. With a characteristic taste of smoke.

Oliver Twist are smokeless tobacco pellets designed to be placed in the side of the mouth where it provides a satisfying flavour and gradually releases nicotine for up to an hour. A tobacco pellet measures 1.0 × 0.5 cm and has a natural content of nicotine. The average sugar content of each mini-roll is 0.01 gram.

The average nicotine content of Arctic is 5 mg per tobacco pellet, based on an average moisture content of 27%. Only a small portion of the nicotine is absorbed during use, and when you remove the mini-roll after you are done using it, it will still contain nicotine.
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