Silver Dollar Natural 5g



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New tobacco flavored snuff from Silver Dollar. This is quality snuff from Toque for the American market.

A pure tobacco flavor on a medium grind.

"A medium grind, with medium nicotine, medium moisture, and just "plain" snuff. It reminds me of a scotch with some moisture. Now I'm not too familiar with many "moist natural snuffs" but I can definitely see that many people will like this one. It would make a good all day snuff. I've read many people are looking for a plain snuff and this just might be THE one. It doesn't clog much, and doesn't shoot down the throat. I really like this! Winner! Nice robust tobacco scent and taste. Very good."

Thanks to: transistor on Snuffhouse
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 15 July, 2013.