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Get a special price on this great Indian snuff.
You get...
  • Punjabi 20g: premium quality snuff which is oil based & dark brown in its shade. It has a pleasant smell of real roses & sandal
  • Gulab Sihori 20g: pale sun-ripened tobacco & a mild mixture of perfumes and menthol
  • White Horse Gul 20g: no added flavours or menthol comes with a pure taste of tobacco and a smoky aroma
  • White Horse White 20g: finely ground snuff & strongest of all our products. It has an exotic smell of high-grade tobacco
This product contains the following items:
Punjabi Janta snuff 20g1 x  (JN001) Punjabi Janta snuff 20g $2.20
Laxmi Gulab Sihori 20g1 x  (JN003) Laxmi Gulab Sihori 20g $2.20
White Horse White 20g1 x  (JN005) White Horse White 20g $2.20
White Horse Gul 20g1 x  (JN007) White Horse Gul 20g $2.20

Cost of separate parts: $8.80

You save $1.81
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