Dholakia Medicated No.10 10g



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Dholakia Medicated No.10
Dholakia Medicated No.10

The snuff is dark brown in color, medium-fine in grind and medium moist. Easy to sniff and with a medium nicotine content. The scent is strong but no overpowering and develops slowly in the nose with camphor (menthol?)as top note, a herbal/licorice scent as second note and ending with a tobacco barnyard smell. The camphor is used with expert hand clearing the nose without killing the rest of the scents, after using it my nose remains fresh and with a sweet reminiscent scent of the snuff. I am not a big fan of the medicated snuffs but will make sure to grab a tin whenever is possible. Liked it a lot. Well done Dholakia!
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 20 August, 2015.