Holiday Bundle

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Name: Holiday Bundle
Type: other
Category: bundle

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A nice holiday mix to warm your cockles.

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This product contains the following items:
McChrystal's Mulled Magic 8.75g1 x  (MCC015) McChrystal's Mulled Magic 8.75g $3.12
Toque Christmas Pudding 10g1 x  (TOQ034) Toque Christmas Pudding 10g $3.08
Wilsons Super M 10g1 x  (WILS310) Wilsons Super M 10g $2.22
Wow Fruit Cake 10g1 x  (DHO091) Wow Fruit Cake 10g $2.00
Toque Ginger 10g1 x  (TOQ123) Toque Ginger 10g $3.08

Cost of separate parts: $13.50

You save $-5.95


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