Hanukkah Bundle

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Name: Hanukkah Bundle
Type: other
Category: bundles

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To help celebrate Hannukah, Mr.Snuff if offering you a fabulous bundle that includes your following favorites...

  • Hedges 260 20g
  • J & H Wilsons Medicated 99 20g
  • J & H Wilsons SP No.1 20g
  • Wilsons SM 500 25g
  • BUZZ Bubble Gum 25g
  • FREE Zuka Snuff Bullet

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This product contains the following items:
Hedges L260 20g1 x  (HED001) Hedges L260 20g $5.50
J & H Wilsons Medicated 99 20g1 x  (JH001) J & H Wilsons Medicated 99 20g $5.50
J & H Wilsons SP No1 20g1 x  (JH002) J & H Wilsons SP No1 20g $6.66
Wilsons SM 500 25g1 x  (WILS256) Wilsons SM 500 25g $3.88
Zuka Black Bullet1 x  (ZUK001) Zuka Black Bullet $3.99
Buzz Bubble Gum 25g1 x  (BUZ002) Buzz Bubble Gum 25g $4.11

Cost of separate parts: $29.64

You save $1.69


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