FUBAR Complete Bundle

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Name: FUBAR Complete Bundle
Type: other
Category: bundles
Color: varied

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FUBAR: The Complete line of strong snuff.

Not for beginners.



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This product contains the following items:
FUBAR Grunt 25g1 x  (FBR003) FUBAR Grunt 25g $5.33
FUBAR Medic 25g1 x  (FBR007) FUBAR Medic 25g $5.63
FUBAR RnR 25g1 x  (FBR009) FUBAR RnR 25g $5.67
FUBAR Shot of Rum 25g1 x  (FBR013) FUBAR Shot of Rum 25g $5.67
FUBAR Snafu Plain 30g1 x  (FBR015) FUBAR Snafu Plain 30g $6.95
FUBAR Snafu Medicated 30g1 x  (FBR016) FUBAR Snafu Medicated 30g $3.80
FUBAR Bohica 25g1 x  (FBR018) FUBAR Bohica 25g $5.67
FUBAR Doolali Tap 25g1 x  (FBR020) FUBAR Doolali Tap 25g $5.67
FUBAR Toasted 25g1 x  (FBR022) FUBAR Toasted 25g $5.67
FUBAR Willie Pete 25g1 x  (FBR024) FUBAR Willie Pete 25g $5.67
FUBAR Fugazi Black Joe 30g1 x  (FBR051) FUBAR Fugazi Black Joe 30g $6.95
FUBAR Fugazi Menthol 30g1 x  (FBR052) FUBAR Fugazi Menthol 30g $3.79

Cost of separate parts: $66.47

You save $-3.48


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