Fruit Bundle

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Name: Fruit Bundle
Type: other
Category: bundles

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Mmmm, delicious summer berries. That's enough to make you fell warm all over. Fresh ripe fruit that's as good as it gets with snuff.


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This product contains the following items:
Toque Blueberry 10g1 x  (TOQ010) Toque Blueberry 10g $3.08
Ozona Raspberry 5g1 x  (POS025) Ozona Raspberry 5g $2.50
Gawith Hoggarth Strawberry 10g1 x  (GH058) Gawith Hoggarth Strawberry 10g $2.64
Samuel Gawith Cherry 25g1 x  (SG025) Samuel Gawith Cherry 25g $3.78

Cost of separate parts: $12.00

You save $-3.98


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