Fribourg & Treyer Princes

Product Specifications

Name: Fribourg & Treyer Princes
Type: tobacco snuff
Category: non-mentholated
Flavor: complex
Ease of Snuffing: medium
Moisture: moist
Nicotine Level: medium

Product Reviews

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"Black, moist, coarse and earthy, F&T's Princes is rougher, less complex and less refined than the Princes Special. At first I preferred the somewhat more floral character of the Princes Special, but now after spending more time with each, I think I slightly prefer the more straightforward tobacco quality of the Princes, although I would not want to be without either. Not that this is a plain, nondescript snuff, it just seems simpler, earthier and more rustic than the Special. It's still very heady stuff, and I find it more luxurious-seeming than many of F&T's perfumed varieties in a darkly opulent way. The F&T is more expensive than other Princes varieties and harder to take (although I find it has an incredible head clearing affect), but since a snuff like this is not a snuff I would choose for all day use, I find its very high quality worth the extra expense for those times when only a dark, heavy, moist snuff will do."

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