Floral Bouquet Bundle

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Name: Floral Bouquet Bundle
Type: other
Category: bundles

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This bundle includes...


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This product contains the following items:
Toque Rose 10g1 x  (TOQ086) Toque Rose 10g $3.40
She Jasmine Box 10g1 x  (SHE004) She Jasmine Box 10g $2.60
Dholakia Rose Chocolate 25g1 x  (DHO194) Dholakia Rose Chocolate 25g $5.10
Dholakia Herbal Indian Rose 9g1 x  (DHO157) Dholakia Herbal Indian Rose 9g $2.20
Dholakia Herbal Flower Power 9g1 x  (DHO155) Dholakia Herbal Flower Power 9g $2.20

Cost of separate parts: $15.50

You save $1.55