Encore EGO CE5 Starter Kit

Product Specifications

Name: Encore EGO CE5 Starter Kit
Type: other
Category: e-cigarettes
Color: selected color

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All Encore starter kits come with an industry leading lifetime warranty. The Encore E-liquid Kit Contains:
  • (2) - Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette
  • (3) - CE5 Colored Tanks (includes one black, blue, & purple tank)
  • (1) - USB Charger (perfect for charging directly from computer, gaming stations or any USB port)
  • (1) - Wall Adapter (In conjunction with the USB charger, the wall adapter allows for charging from any standard wall outlet).
  • (1) - Registration ID - Allows you to register your product online for your lifetime warranty.

Encore EGOCE5 Starter Kit Customer Review

"Nice Product. It's great that my clothes, car and home don't smell like an ashtray anymore. I feel much better not smoking regular cigarettes and have weaned myself to lower mg of E-liquid tabacco."
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