Dholakia Herbal

Product Specifications

Name: Dholakia Herbal
Type: non-tobacco snuff
Category: mentholated
Flavor: spicy
Ease of Snuffing: easy
Moisture: dry
Nicotine Level: none

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Dholakia non-tobacco herbal snuff is made from select high quality plant leaf and roots mixed with menthol. This snuff is a finely ground, dry powder which gives you a quick boost to your tired nerves with one small sniff. Ingredients include: dry ginger, alpinia officinarum, ocimum senctum, withania somnifera, aspagus assendence, licorice powder and menthol.
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Dholakia Herbal Indian Rose 9gDholakia Herbal Indian Rose 9g
Stock:  3
Dholakia Herbal Pan Masala 9gDholakia Herbal Pan Masala 9g
Stock:  7
Dholakia Herbal Lychee 9gDholakia Herbal Lychee 9g
Stock:  3
Dholakia Herbal Cherry 9gDholakia Herbal Cherry 9g
Stock:  0
Products out of stock$1.96
Dholakia Herbal Apricot 9gDholakia Herbal Apricot 9g
Stock:  0
Products out of stock$1.96
Dholakia Herbal Flower Power 9gDholakia Herbal Flower Power 9g
Stock:  10

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Dholakia Herbal Chocolate 9gDholakia Herbal Chocolate 9g
Stock:  8

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