Testimonial by: Tim Keaty of Lompoc CA (USA)Date added: 06/12/2017
Title: Great, but ...........
I have had nothing but great service and products since using Mr. Snuff, however my last order of checker-berry was messed up and another side of Mr. Snuff appeared. When I informed them that I had received the wrong product (got strawberry instead of checker-berry) I was told an investigation was to take place. I had to take several photos of the wrong product along with my invoice and they then went to the ware house to review the videos of the person preparing my package. That took over a week, then they said just keep the strawberry and we will call it even. I told them I did not want the strawberry and I want my checker-berry as ordered. After several more emails, i was told I would get my checker-berry, that was 6 weeks ago and I still have not received it. So a bit of advice, if your order is messed up, just reorder; in the long run it will save you time and just accept this company has a very flawed customer issue when it comes to their mistakes.
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