Testimonial by: BRITT STEPHENS of VERO BEACH FL (USA)Date added: 12/09/2016
Title: Missing Package
I just wanted to share my extremely positive experience with Mr. Snuff. I ordered six logs of various snuff and they were shipped in two packages. I received the first package in a reasonable timeframe (UK to US), but the other one was not there. After waiting two days I contacted MR. Snuff via email telling them my situation and that the other package had not arrived. They replied to my email almost immediately saying they'd look into it and take care of it. About three days later the originally ordered package arrived.

A week after that another package arrived which was a duplicate of my missing package. Mr. Snuff had sent me another copy of my half order that was missing originally.

I wanted to do the right thing so I emailed Mr. Snuff and told them that my originally missing package had arrived and that I had also received the duplicate copy of my half order to make up for the missing package. And asked them what they would like me to do; return the duplicate or pay for it.

They replied thanking me for my honesty and asked me to keep the extra package at no cost as a token of their appreciation for my business. That is solid in my opinion.

Absolute great company to do business with.
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