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Q: Where is my order?
A: Shipping times vary with the average being about a week. This is not a steadfast rule because Customs can arbitrarily withhold delivery and this can delay things. The good news is all orders do get through.
Please bear in mind that we have no control over any Postal Service or Customs agency.
Q: It has been a while, is my order lost?
A: Your order is not lost until after 28 working days (this excludes weekends and holidays) we are then authorized by the Postal Service to lay a claim.
Q: When are you getting my favorite snuff back in stock?
A: We usually have it on order but the best way is to get notified when it comes in. Just log-in then go to the product description page then scroll down the page and on the right hand column look for the notification box. Click the button and you will be notified of any updates to the product (this only works if a product is on order).
Q: What is the best snuff to buy?
A: It really depends on your taste. High nicotine usually goes with a dry and finely milled snuff. They are usually more smoky in nature with quite a nose burn. If you prefer more flavored snuffs there are the mentholated, fruity , spicy, etc. the snuff wizard here...

You can try and find your snuff with the advanced search here...
(Try putting in high nicotine as a search term and don't forget to check the Search in product descriptions check box)
I suggest you check out Pat's Page ...
Try consulting the reviews. It's always helpful to read what other enthusiasts think.


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