Cloud 9 Starter Kit

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Name: Cloud 9 Starter Kit
Type: other
Category: e-cigarette
Color: selected color

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The Cloud 9 Electronic Cigarette

Cloud 9 Smoking is the electronic cigarette smokers' paradise. The goal of Cloud 9 is to duplicate the pleasure of smoking without the problems. No more coughing, wheezing and health risks - only the pleasure. Cloud 9 is an American company bringing you the highest quality e-cigarette products at a fraction of the cost of real smokes. This product brings you the highest quality smoking experience available to the e-cigarette consumer.

The Cloud 9 Super Cigarette produces full clouds of smoke as you would expect on a real cigarette. You will even feel that light hit when you get a good puff and inhale deeply. The likeness this product has to actually smoking is unique to Cloud 9. The precise technical specifications drawn by our American engineers has yielded a far superior smoking sensation appearance and feel. Precision calibration produces the perfect likeness to actual smoking. For a memorable smoking experience it has to be a Cloud 9.

Included in the Cloud 9 Super Cigarette:
1) Complete Electronic Super Cigarette
2) Spare Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery
3) Package of Five (5) assorted refill cartridges
4) Power cord
5) Charger
6) Owners manual
7) Gorgeous gift packaging

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