E-Cigarette Tobacco Red Starter Kit

Product Specifications

Name: E-Cigarette Tobacco Red Starter Kit
Type: other
Category: e-cigarette
Color: selected flavor

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E-Cigarette Starter Kit M102 * Comes with 2 types of chargers
* Smaller size
* Exceptional durability of battery and atomiser
* Easy puff. No warming up required.
* Every puff is consistent
* No Cleaning Cycle to avoid bad taste!

Dimensions: 98 L 8.5 D mm
Weight: 11.5g
Power source: DC 3.7V-200mAh lithium battery?
Restrictions on charging voltage: 4.2V
Input voltage for charging: AC100~240V or DC12V
Allocation: 1 atomizer; 1 mural charger; 1 USB charger; 2 special lithium batteries; 5 refill cartridges (Medium)
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