Brutal Snuff Bundle

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Name: Brutal Snuff Bundle
Type: other
Category: bundles

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Brutal Bundle of strong snuff.


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This product contains the following items:
FUBAR Grunt 25g1 x  (FBR003) FUBAR Grunt 25g $5.33
Dholakia White 25g2 x  (DHO064) Dholakia White 25g $4.55
NTSU Black 15g1 x  (NTS001) NTSU Black 15g $2.99
6 Photo Cheeta 35g1 x  (6PH004) 6 Photo Cheeta 35g $2.70
Abraxas FireDrac 15g1 x  (ABR019) Abraxas FireDrac 15g $8.49

Cost of separate parts: $28.61

You save $-4.34


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