Bitcoin Payment

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is cash for the internet. With just a smartphone or an internet connection, you can use Bitcoin to send funds securely and instantly to businesses, friends, and family anywhere on earth.


Bitcoin payments are uniquely secure: they can't be forged or made without your permission.


This whole process happens without any one company or organization running the show. Just like the internet, Bitcoin is a type of technology that is independent of one company or government.


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What are the Benefits?

Zero Risk for You

Zero Risk of Fraud or Identity Theft
Unlike credit card transactions, bitcoin transactions don't put any of your personal or financial information at risk.

Faster, Simpler Payments

Faster, Simpler Payments
All a bitcoin transaction takes is a scan and two clicks, no more filling out billing forms for every checkout.

International Access and Use

International Access and Use
Bitcoins can be used and accepted anywhere in the world, making buying online and sending funds internationally fast and affordable.

Less Expensive for You

Less Expensive for You
Because MrSnuff pays lower fees to accept bitcoin than credit cards, the savings are passed on to you. You get 2% off every product on the site even those on sale.

How Do I Get My First Bitcoin?

Step 1: Get a Bitcoin Wallet
In order to send and receive bitcoin, you will need a bitcoin wallet to store it. There are many different types of wallets available for mobile and desktop platforms, all available on their respective app stores for free. All of these wallets offer different features and security, so it's important that you research your options. We recommend Copay. It is currently the only wallet available on all operating systems.


Step 2: Get Your First Bitcoin
There are two ways to get your first bitcoin.
1. You can ask somebody you know to send you bitcoin.
2. Buy bitcoin at an online exchange. Here is a great resource for finding a bitcoin exchange that operates in your country: Click on your currency. It is displayed first, followed by all the rest.


How Does a Payment Work?

Step 1:
Once payment in bitcoin has been selected, a BitPay invoice is automatically generated.


Step 2:
A QR code is displayed on the screen. You scan this code with a smartphone wallet app.


Step 3:
You press "Send," and the payment is broadcast to the Bitcoin network. BitPay processes the bitcoin and provides the merchant with a bank deposit in the local currency at the current exchange rate.


What's Next?

Start using bitcoin here and save 2% on every product. This is in addition to any other discounts or promotions. Now that's a good way to save.

It is SUPER secure. Orders of magnitude safer than any credit card or bank account.
You save money by cutting out the middle-man.


1. Get a wallet:
There are several bitwallet providers to choose from. We use BitPay because it works on all platforms and it's free. Get it HERE then, scroll to bottom of page and select your platform.
Download and install.
Please read the following:
Choose your platform carefully as it is recommended to have one account on only one device. During install you may have to give firewall exception permissions. If you are using a computer, you can ignore the scan instructions. VERY IMPORTANT: make sure you backup your bitwallet as instructed. If your device dies you will lose your bitcoins without this. The backup is simple. You simply copy the series of random words to a secure location. This will allow you to recover your bitwallet in the event of loss.

2. Get a Bitcoin Account:
a. If resident in USA you can follow instructions in your bitwallet by clicking on Buy or Sell Bitcoin on the main page.
b. If outside the USA, go HERE and select your desired currency. Your currency will display first.
For Canadians we recommend Canadian Bitcoins.
Please read the following:
Please take your time and follow all instructions. After signup, you may have to verify your email address before you can continue.
This is the hardest part, and may take a couple of days to get approval. Be patient. Once you are set up you are good to go for life.
If you have a choice of cryptocurrency, make sure you select BTC (bitcoin). On some providers it is a one-step process to deposit BTC to your wallet. On other providers you may have to buy bitcoin and then withdraw to your wallet. The end result is the same. If you have recommendations for other customers please let us know. Your experience is valuable.

3. Buy Bitcoin:
Follow instructions given by your selected provider (bitcoin exchange).
Please read the following:
You will have to provide your bitwallet ID so they know where to deposit the bitcoin. This works for the recommended wallet, it may differ in different wallets, but the principle remains the same.
- Navigate to Settings.
- Select Personal Wallet.
- Select More Options.
- Select Wallet Information.
- Scroll down to Latest Wallet Addresses.
- Select the first address. This is where you will instruct your bitcoin provider to send your purchased bitcoin.