Barbosa's Bundle

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Name: Barbosa's Bundle
Type: other
Category: bundles

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Barbosa will protect his booty at any cost. The secret stash of all his prized snuffs collected from his voyages around the seven seas are now the booty of Mr.Snuff.

This bundle will shiver your timber. Mates, I suggest you get it now while it lasts.

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This product contains the following items:
FUBAR Grunt 25g1 x  (FBR003) FUBAR Grunt 25g $5.33
Square Plain 30g1 x  (SWI017) Square Plain 30g $13.49
Three Thistle Strong 30g1 x  (TTS1) Three Thistle Strong 30g $10.95
Bruton's Scotch 30g1 x  (BRU1) Bruton's Scotch 30g $13.99
Toque Quit 25g1 x  (TOQ078) Toque Quit 25g $6.16
Dholakia White 25g1 x  (DHO064) Dholakia White 25g $4.55

Cost of separate parts: $54.47

You save $14.52


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